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The diversity of Duke and the Durham community is very refreshing. Once I got here and met the students and the faculty, it just felt right

Stead Society

The Eugene A. Stead Society is Duke's PA student organization. The Society keeps Duke PA students informed about developments in the profession and coordinates activities on the state and national level. Other Society activities include fund-raising, community service and events to promote public awareness of PAs. All Duke PA students are members of the Stead Society. Election of officers is held during the first semester.

Constitution and Bylaws of Eugene A. Stead, Jr. Physician Assistant Society


Stead Society Officers 2016

PA Class of 2016 Stead Society Officers

Front row: Green Chair: Charita Montgomery (charita.montgomery@duke.edu); Diversity Chair: Katherine Caro (katherine.caro@duke.edu); Honor Council: Kaitlyn Schmutz (kaitlyn.schmutz@duke.edu); Historian: Christina Leung (christina.leung@duke.edu).
Second row: SAAAPA Alternate Representative: Melissa Radliff (melissa.radliff@duke.edu); Outreach Chair: Christen Gillis (christen.gillis@duke.edu); Treasurer: Allison Almeida (allison.almeida@duke.edu).
Third row: Secretary: Emily Choi (emily.choi1@duke.edu); Vice President: Kristen Stockfleth (kristen.stockfleth@duke.edu); AAPA HOD Representative: Jamie Ruddy (jamie.ruddy@duke.edu); Graduate & Professional Student Representative: Allie Sterling (mailto:alexandra.sterling@duke.edu).
Back row: President: Brian Yorke (brian.yorke@duke.edu); Faculty Advisor: Sherrie Spear MHS, PA-C (sherrie.spear@duke.edu); NCAPA Student Representative: Eric Langhans (eric.langhans@duke.edu); SAAAPA Representative: Ian Luther (ian.luther@duke.edu).


PA Class of 2016


Stead Society Officers 2013

PA Class of 2015 Stead Society Officers

Front row: Secretary: Casey Herdson (casey.herdson@duke.edu); Historian: Stephanie Agoncillo (stephanie.agoncillo@duke.edu); Graduate and Professional Student Representative: Bethany Applebome (bethany.grim@duke.edu); NCAPA Student Rep: Holly O'Sullivan (holly.jarrell@duke.edu).
Second row: SAAAPA Representative: Carla Longanecker (carla.longanecker@duke.edu); Honor Council: Edward Kim (ed.kim@duke.edu); Treasurer: Anna Zelov (anna.zelov@duke.edu); AAPA HOD Representative: Angela King (angela.n.king@duke.edu); Vice President: Scott Jones (scott.n.jones@duke.edu).
Back row:  Green Chair: Andrew McGraw (andrew.mcgraw@duke.edu); President: Trey Levers (melvin.levers@duke.edu); Diversity Chair: Chenie Xu (chenie.xu@duke.edu); Faculty Advisor: Sherrie Spear MHS, PA-C (sherrie.spear@duke.edu); SAAAPA Alternate Representative: Blaine Montague (blaine.montague@duke.edu); Outreach Chair: Todd McVeigh (todd.mcveigh@duke.edu).

PA Class of 2015