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The diversity of Duke and the Durham community is very refreshing. Once I got here and met the students and the faculty, it just felt right


As a PA student on the campus of Duke University School of Medicine, you will have the opportunity to participate in many activities throughout the two year program.


Each year in fall the Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) at Duke University hosts the GPSC Basketball Ticket Campout. This event is legendary at Duke as it enables the Graduate and Professional student at Duke to become eligible for a seasons ticket to Duke Men’s Basketball. There are 700 season tickets allotted for graduate and professional students in the 9,314 seat Cameron Indoor Stadium. Campout is a means for the graduate and professional student to enter the lottery for these tickets. Registration is required prior to the event by visiting the GPSC website where you can also sign up for Community Service.

Campout is as exciting as it is tiring. The concept is simple; you can miss no more than one attendance check in roughly 36 hours. It traditionally begins at 7 P.M. on Friday night and ends around 7 A.M. on Sunday morning. During this time the GPSC coordinators will conduct periodic attendance checks at any time, day or night. When the whistle blows, you have to present to the GPSC tent to have your name checked off. If you miss two, you are no longer eligible for the basketball ticket lottery.

An additional benefit of Campout is that it gives you the opportunity to mingle with students from almost every department at Duke University. On Friday afternoon Campout participants begin setting up their tents on the corner of Wannamaker Drive and Duke University road. Some will forego tents by renting RV’s and rental trucks for a less spartan existence. While waiting for the next whistle blow students can enjoy music provided by D.J.’s, challenge other students to sporting contests, participate in karaoke and spent time away from class with their fellow classmates.

On Saturday morning the opportunity to volunteer for Community Service events gives the camper a few hours away from attendance checks by donating their labor to local organizations. An additional reward is that there is usually a brief period in which you can return home to enjoy a much needed shower or rest in your tent without checking in.

When Campout is complete on Sunday morning all campers must help in cleaning the area and then a final attendance check is performed. If you are one of the lucky 700 you will receive eligibility to purchase a season’s ticket to Duke Men's Basketball. The lottery winners must then proceed to the designated site and pay for their season ticket.

If you have any questions you can visit sites.google.com/site/gpscbasketball/ for more information.

Intramural Athletics

The Duke department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation is host to many activities for the graduate and undergraduate student at Duke University. HPER maintains a year round schedule of individual and team events.

From September through November students can form teams to enjoy flag football, soccer, dodgeball and volleyball. The middle of the academic year offers events from November through March which include basketball, indoor soccer, and co-ed basketball. With the return of warm weather to the Durham area in spring HPER offers softball and kickball from March through May.

HEPR offers classes in aerobics, boxing, yoga, pilates and many other activities. A list of sports clubs from baseball to waterpolo can also be on their site.

To enroll in intramural sports or obtain fitness and club information visit HEPR at www.duke.edu/web/intramural/intramurals/.

AAPA Conference

San Diego, was the host of the 2009 American Academy of Physician Assistants National Conference. The conference is attended by practicing physician assistants and students alike. The conference was filled with hundreds of lectures, poster presentations and workshops to hone skills by those attending. It was an excellent opportunity for the representatives from Duke University to meet colleagues from other areas and programs. The Duke PA program encourages their students to attend and provides a supplement to defray the cost of attending.

The SAAAPA National Medical Challenge Bowl is always a fun event. The Class of 2010's team of Rachel Goldberg, Jane Lyons and Jeremiah Davis advanced to the second round. They were cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd of students, faculty and alumni.

American Academy of Physican Assistants

Outdoor Activities

Duke University is located in the piedmont area of North Carolina which enjoys rolling hills, lakes, running trails and an endless list of outdoor activities. The Duke Health, Physical Education and Recreation department coordinates many activities on the Duke campus, in the Durham area and throughout the state of North Carolina.

Duke Outdoor Adventure is a university sponsored program to increase the awareness of students to the multitude of outdoor activities in the Durham area and within the state of North Carolina. They coordinate outings in cycling, hiking, biking, and paddling to name a few. For information on DOA’s activities and links to other outdoor groups in the state visit them at www.duke.edu/web/intramural/outdoor/webpage/index.html.

The Duke Outing Club seeks to develop an appreciation of nature within the university and the community at large. It is a membership club that hosts weekly meetings, and trips which involve activities that take advantage of the great outdoor opportunities in the state. They engage in scuba diving, mountaineering, caving, camping and much more. To become a member or to find more information go to dukegroups.duke.edu/outing/.