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Becoming a PA has allowed me to do learn something new and take care of patients.

Physician Assistant Curriculum

  1. preclinical studies
  2. clinical experiences

The first 12 months of the program are devoted to preclinical studies, and the remaining 12 months to clinical experiences in primary care and the medical and surgical specialties.  All courses are required, no transfer credit is accepted, and no credit is awarded for pre-admission experiential learning.  Only full-time students are admitted to the curriculum.

During the second year of the PA Program, students complete 10 rotations.  These clinical experiences are composed of eight required and two elective rotations, and a final senior seminar course. At least one of these rotations is required to take place in a medically underserved area.  Students must successfully complete the end of rotation exam at the conclusion of all required rotations as well as other clinical evaluations throughout the year.  Clinical year students will return to campus throughout the second year to participate in Call Back days and evaluation exercises.

Laptop computers are leased to each student for both the first and second years.  Computers are used for a variety of in-class and clinical assignments and activities, as well as for communication with the program and Internet services.

Didactic Year Courses


Clinical Year

*Example – sequence of clinical rotations will vary