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Being a part of the Duke Community has been a challenging, rewarding, and truly unforgettable experience.

Make a Gift

The Duke University PA Program has three scholarship funds to provide grant-in-aid awards to deserving students.  In the past ten years, over 250 Duke PA students have received scholarships through the donations of alumni and others. 

The three scholarship funds are 1) the general scholarship fund; 2) the Global Health fund; and 3) the Strivers fund.  All students are eligible for grants-in-aid awards from the general scholarship fund.  These scholarships are awarded annually in amounts ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.  The Global Health fund awards one $1,000 scholarship each year to a student who is pursuing a Global Health Elective, to offset costs of travel and housing in the host country.  The Strivers fund awards scholarships designated for students who are overcoming disadvantaged economic or educational backgrounds, and honor the memories of Fiona Lawrence (Class of 2012) and Marcus Johnson (Class of 2013) who passed away during their enrollment in the PA program. 

You can designate your gift to any of the three funds: 

General scholarship fund
Global Health fund
Strivers fund

All donors will receive a Duke PA decal; donors of the following amounts receive additional gifts:

$50                  Duke PA Alum pin for white coat
$100                “First in the PA Profession” license plate
$500                Laminated copy of class composite
$1,000             Book of Dr. Stead’s quotations

Should you wish to consider establishing an Endowment in the PA Program, please contact patricia.dieter@duke.edu, 919-681-3259.  Endowment donors to date include the following:

Robert E. Buchanan Fund (Marie Wiles ’05)
Nancy and James Hill, Jr. (’76)
Margo and Andrew Illobre (’87)
Walter and Frances Maytham Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Lisa and John McElligott (’74)