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The thing I like most about the PA program at Duke is the great deal of support we students receive from the faculty and staff to help us succeed in the program.


Patricia Dieter
Patricia M. Dieter, MPA, PA-C
Division Chief
Karen Hills
Karen Hills, MS, PA-C
Associate Professor
Program Director
Margaret Gradison
Margaret Gradison, MD
Medical Director
Lovest Alexander, Jr.
Lovest Alexander, Jr., MHS, PA-C
Assistant Professor
Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Melinda Blazar
Melinda Blazar, MHS, PA-C
Assistant Professor
Clinical Coordinator
Melvania Briggs
Melvania Briggs, MA, PA-C
Medical Instructor
Academic Coordinator
Christine Everett
Christine Everett, PhD, MPH, PA-C
Assistant Professor
Megan Holms
Megan Holmes, BA, PhDc
Nick Hudak
Nicholas Hudak, MSEd, MPA, PA-C
Assistant Professor
Clinical Coordinator
Betsy Melcher
Betsy Melcher, MS, ATC, MHS, PA-C
Assistant Professor
Academic Coordinator
Jean Mesaros
Jean Mesaros, PharmD, BCPS
Assistant Consulting Professor
Perri Morgan
Perri Morgan, PhD, PA-C
Associate Professor
Director of PA Research
Kenyon Railey
Kenyon Railey, MD
Assistant Professor
Lisa Ray
Lisa Ray, MHS, PA-C
Clinical Associate
Clinical Education Faculty Development Fellow
Peggy Robinson
Peggy R. Robinson, MS, MHS, PA-C
Associate Professor
Director of Curriculum
Director of Clinical Education Faculty Development Fellowship
Sherrie Spear
Jan Victoria Scott, MHS, PA-C
Associate Consulting Professor
April Stouder
April Stouder, MHS, PA-C
Assistant Professor
Director of Clinical Education
Justine Strand
Justine Strand de Oliveira, DrPH, PA-C, DFAAPA
Vice Chair for Education
Annamarie Streilein
Annamarie Streilein, MHS, PA-C
Assistant Professor
Director of Preclinical Education


Brian Brejnik
Brian Brejnik, MBA
Administrative Manager
Patricia Bunn
Patricia Bunn
Accounting Specialist
Donna Davis
Donna S. Davis, AAS
Information Services Specialist
Wendy Elwell
Wendy Z. Elwell, MS
Program Coordinator
Rhiannon Giles
Rhiannon Giles, BA
Staff Specialist
Carline Jules
Carline Jules
Staff Assistant
Brandi Leach
Brandi Leach, MS
Research Analyst
Rachel Mullis
Rachel Mullis, BA
Assessment Program Coordinator
Jennifer Pennington
Jennifer Pennington, BA
Program Coordinator
Jeanne Rabold
Jeanne Rabold, MBA
Analyst Programmer, Sr.
Haley Schomburg
Haley Schomburg, MTS
Staff Specialist
Suzanne Scott
Suzanne Scott
Staff Specialist
Jan Stem
Jan Stem
Administrative Assistant